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Portfolio - GMSA Advance Website

Web Development - Design supplied by client.

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GMSA Advance Home Page Image

GMSA Advance is a website that allows the user to build a tailor made university qualification. They can access short, higher level courses from across Greater Manchester universities and colleges. With these bite-sized modules, the user can pay as they go, building credits up along the way to a university qualification, and minimising time away from their job. The Universities and Colleges involved updated their courses and modules in a centralised database. I developed an importer which then ran nightly and imported any new course and module data by consuming a web service. The users could login and create a profile containing "About Me", "Qualifications", "Other Learning and Training" and "Employment and Experience". They could then use "Find a Course" to search or browse for modules and save any of interest into their "My Courses", which shows courses the user has applied for or enrolled on along with courses they are interested in. "My Qualifications” shows their completed modules and the course(s) they are part of.

I worked on this website while employed by Interactive Solutions. The front end was built by a colleague, who then passed it on to me for the front and back end development. Another colleague built the Flash animation.

Technologies used:
  • ASP.Net 2
  • SQL Server 2005
  • VB.Net Console Application
  • SOAP Web Service
  • Javascript
Website: No longer available online
A Little About me:
I have many years of commercial experience and I'm not afraid to try new things, be it a new programming language or web technology.
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